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Kiokong Eco Tourism

4 Bridge rappelling, trekking, exploring the Blue Water Cave and White Rock Wall Climbing… who would’ve thought all these were waiting for me in Quezon Municipality, Bukidnon Province. The Local Government Unit of Quezon Municipality and Kiokong Climbing Society developed the Kiokong Eco Tourism Project. You can get in touch with Kiokong Eco Tourism days […]

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Newest Ride in Enchanted Kingdom at 17

0Disk-O-Magic It’s definitely a spinning and rocking experience! That’s the Disk-O-Magic ride of Enchanted Kingdom (or EK), its newest attraction launched coinciding with its 17th anniversary celebration. The seats allowed me and my friends to face the park during the ride. We could move our arms and legs freely because the safety bar supporting our […]

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Danao Adventure Park

7Do you want extreme? The most thrilling Bohol adventure I’ve experienced happened in Danao Adventure Park located in Danao Municipality two to three hours away from Tagbilaran City in Bohol Province. THE PLUNGE The best, most extreme and most popular attraction here is The Plunge. They claim that it’s the highest canyon swing in the […]

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The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

6 Seeing these furry little creatures is part of my bucket list. It was a dream come true to be able to get near them and witness how they jump from tree to tree. And there’s a bonus, I saw their scary side with the sharp teeth as if ready to bite! Bohol Province is […]

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The Best Crunchy Sisig (Revisit 8065 Bagnet)

4The Best Crunchy Sisig! Pampanga’s Sisig and Ilocos Bagnet combined…what have we got? The best sisig I have ever tasted! 8065 Bagnet’s Bagnet Sisig. The traditional sisig originated in Pampanga Province made of parts of a roasted pig’s head and liver seasoned with onions, calamansi and chili. Bagnet in Ilocos Region is the crunchy pork twice fried […]

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8065 Bagnet

2Bagnet. Crispy on the outside and oh so soft and tender in the inside. Now to make that more exciting, 8065 Bagnet can satisfy your curiosity with their wide range of scrumptious and affordable bagnet dishes. Instead of using regular meat for famous Filipino recipes, they replaced it with bagnet. Here in 8065 Bagnet along […]

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Pig Out

2 Note: As of 2014, Pig-Out has been replaced by another restaurant. I’m keeping this article as reference. Yummy Filipino food and some Asian fusion are some of the things I salivate about when thinking of Pig Out. It’s something to look forward to during stop-overs to Tagaytay. “Pig Out! Your Family Grill House” stands out […]

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