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The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

6 Seeing these furry little creatures is part of my bucket list. It was a dream come true to be able to get near them and witness how they jump from tree to tree. And there’s a bonus, I saw their scary side with the sharp teeth as if ready to bite! Bohol Province is […]

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D’ Banquet

0A great and affordable place to eat in Tagaytay is D’ Banquet. My favorite? The squid fries with mayo dip. Strips of squid embraced in a delicious coating and fried to perfection. Yummy! Another wonderful discovery here is their version of the lumpiang ubod. Three smaller pieces of the usual Filipino treat but this time […]

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Amira’s Buco Tart Haus

6The trip to Tagaytay wouldn’t be complete without “pasalubong” or goodies to bring back home to our loved ones. Amira’s Buco Tart Haus is the best pasalubong place to go to in Tagaytay. . . . . . . .     They have the famous buco tart with a lot of coconut chunks inside, […]

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ADARNA Food and Culture

4Culture and food combined. My visit was scrumptious and even hilarious. The food was great, but what I didn’t expect was the collection they had about our country’s past. Some are of grandeur, some weird and some, well, you have to see it for yourself and get a good laugh. Selected traditional Filipino food from […]

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Sonya’s Garden

2The article about Sonya’s Garden moved to: http://www.appetizingadventure.com/8-reasons-to-visit-sonyas-garden/

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Picnic Grove

2Literally fly into the thick fog of Tagaytay–that’s what I experienced at the Picnic Grove while riding their cable car and zipline 300 feet above the ground.   The place has evolved from just being a popular picnic destination. What I like about this place is the fog. Yes, the fog. I first tried the […]

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The Tagaytay Library and Museum

0 A place to play and read books especially for the kids. The Tagaytay Library and Museum is located Barangay Kaybagal, Tagaytay City Centrum. There are dinosaurs outside the building and a dinosaur display at the ground floor. Feast your eyes with models of dinosaur eggs, hatchlings, dino skeletons and murals. I had to take my […]

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Tagaytay’s Praying Hands

0The Praying Hands: The Gateway to the City of Character. This red structure along the highway, for the longest time, was just another artist’s rendition of an idea to have something great to look at. I thought it was like gigantic red ribs or fishbone. Until, I went up close and read what was described […]

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Tagaytay’s History

0Tagaytay City in the proince of Cavite is one of the more popular places to relax and unwind so where did it get its name? Here’s a funny story of how it was called Tagaytay. Story has it that a long time ago a father and his son were chasing a wild boar. The wild […]

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Museo de Santa Rosa

0Blast from the City of Sta. Rosa’s past. It was like stepping into a house from the Spanish era. The walls, the colors, the wooden floor. There’s that flat iron where you put charcoal to heat it. Hmm, if I use that today, my clothes would smell like smoke or maybe I’d smell like a […]

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