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Sandbox Rates and Packages

2 This article about Sandbox moved to http://www.appetizingadventure.com/sandbox-2017-rates-and-packages/ please click the link to read the full article. Thank you

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Tree Top Adventure Baguio’s Trekking and Skywalk Adventure

0Tree Top Adventure Baguio’s Trekking and Skywalk Adventure article moved, please click here to read the article: http://www.appetizingadventure.com/tree-top-adventure-baguios-trekking-and-skywalk-adventure/

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Tree Top Adventure Baguio’s Superman Ride

0 The Superman Ride article moved, please click the link to read the full article http://www.appetizingadventure.com/tree-top-adventure-baguios-superman-ride/  

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Tree Top Adventure Baguio’s Canopy Ride

0 The Canopy Ride article moved, please click here to read it: http://www.appetizingadventure.com/tree-top-adventure-baguios-canopy-ride/

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Sky Ride, Suislide and the Plunge in Danao

5 Move from one edge of a cliff 200 meters high and onto the next cliff through Danao Adventure Park’s Sky Ride and Suislide. And find out why many back out from experiencing Danao’s most extreme activity, the Plunge. Sky Ride (Php250) The first activity I did with my family and friends was the simplest […]

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Root Climbing in Danao

1 Pushing my already exhausted body was never this fun. My fear of heights suddenly took a backseat because my focus was to reach the top. When I climbed the huge tree roots 15 meters high, adrenaline pumped. I couldn’t stop. Root climbing was definitely the highlight of my 2013 Bohol getaway at Danao Adventure […]

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Harvest Sugarcanes in Negros

0 Spontaneity. It’s one of the ingredients for adventure. As long as it’s safe and doesn’t break any rules. And this is exactly what I did in Negros Occidental Province. I tried harvesting sugarcanes and tasted the sweetness of my labor. Negros Occidental Province is also known as the sugarbowl of the Philippines because it’s […]

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Kiokong Eco Tourism

4 Bridge rappelling, trekking, exploring the Blue Water Cave and White Rock Wall Climbing… who would’ve thought all these were waiting for me in Quezon Municipality, Bukidnon Province. The Local Government Unit of Quezon Municipality and Kiokong Climbing Society developed the Kiokong Eco Tourism Project. You can get in touch with Kiokong Eco Tourism days […]

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The Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

3 If the breathtaking view here at The Sierra Madre looks familiar, don’t be surprised. Many scenes from movies and soap operas were shot here. And I don’t see why not. But it’s not just about the fantastic view because there’s so much more about this resort. This place is called The Sierra Madre Hotel […]

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Star City’s Newest Thrill Ride

4 Star City remains to be the only park for me inside Metro Manila that offers the coolest rides and attractions. Let me tell you my three reasons: Star Frisbee, Surf Dance and Star Flyer. Star Frisbee Star City got even better with my new favorite – their newest thrill ride, the Star Frisbee. It’s […]

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