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Gerarda’s Awarded as Best Bohol Restaurant

3 It’s really no wonder why Gerarda’s Restaurant won the 2012 Best Restaurant of the Year Award. Gerarda’s doesn’t only provide a filling gastronomic experience, but the restaurant also effectively promotes Filipino cuisine. My 2013 visit to Bohol Province was deliciously complete because of Gerarda’s. My family and friends visited Bohol and we all agreed […]

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Loboc Riverwatch Floating Resto Part 2

0 Cruising Loboc River is truly sweeter the second time around. Fill your tummies with Boholano favorites, enjoy the view of the river, dance the tinikling and play the ukulele. All that, packed in this one hour and half experience tourists come back for. (Read about my first buffet-cruise experience in Loboc River, click here) […]

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Abatan River Firefly Watching Experience

0 Imagine a tree in the dark with lights blinking in waves. Just like a movie. That was my enchanting firefly watching experience in Abatan River in Bohol. My family, friends and I arrived a little past 6pm at the Abatan River Visitor Centre in Cortes Municipality, Bohol, on board our rented van. Approaching the […]

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Sky Ride, Suislide and the Plunge in Danao

5 Move from one edge of a cliff 200 meters high and onto the next cliff through Danao Adventure Park’s Sky Ride and Suislide. And find out why many back out from experiencing Danao’s most extreme activity, the Plunge. Sky Ride (Php250) The first activity I did with my family and friends was the simplest […]

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Root Climbing in Danao

1 Pushing my already exhausted body was never this fun. My fear of heights suddenly took a backseat because my focus was to reach the top. When I climbed the huge tree roots 15 meters high, adrenaline pumped. I couldn’t stop. Root climbing was definitely the highlight of my 2013 Bohol getaway at Danao Adventure […]

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Sandugo Shrine / Blood Compact Site

0 Men lifting cups with blood, celebrating with a toast, then bottoms up! Sounds like a scene from a vampire movie or vampire TV series. But it’s not. It’s actually a historical event in Bohol, something so important they made a monument to commemorate it. Tourists flock this place, stay here for a couple of […]

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Gerarda’s Restaurant

0 By far the best dinakdakan I’ve tasted, along with the delicious seafood kare-kare with crab fat, made my visit to Gerarda’s Restaurant worth it. Dinakdakan at Gerarda’s is prepared slightly different from the traditional dinakdakan. They have roast pork belly marinated in spices, spring onions, chili, tomatoes, ginger, salt, pepper, sugar, mayonnaise and calamansi. […]

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Danao Adventure Park

7Do you want extreme? The most thrilling Bohol adventure I’ve experienced happened in Danao Adventure Park located in Danao Municipality two to three hours away from Tagbilaran City in Bohol Province. THE PLUNGE The best, most extreme and most popular attraction here is The Plunge. They claim that it’s the highest canyon swing in the […]

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The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

6 Seeing these furry little creatures is part of my bucket list. It was a dream come true to be able to get near them and witness how they jump from tree to tree. And there’s a bonus, I saw their scary side with the sharp teeth as if ready to bite! Bohol Province is […]

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Chocolate Hills

2 When you were a kid, did you draw hills? I did. And it’s like the childhood drawings came to life in Bohol Province when I took a good look at the awesome Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is one of the natural wonders tourists admire in Bohol Province. This destination is a must for your […]

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