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XO46 Heritage Bistro

0 Extraordinary definitely describes XO46 Heritage Bistro. It’s uniquely Filipino. I highly recommend you visit this Makati restaurant for their exquisite Filipino dishes and the exceptional experience you’ll get from the servers. When you enter this restaurant, the servers will call you “senyorito” which means sir. They speak in straight Filipino — it’s something amusing […]

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Nuestra Senora De Gracia Parish

0 Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish is a great destination for those who love historical tours. It’s one of the favorite wedding venues as well. It’s surprising that a 400-year-old church building is located in the busy and modern city of Makati. Makati has an image of being the country’s heart of business. Skyscrapers, five […]

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M Cafe

0 The Museum Café or M Cafe is a delightful restaurant serving Asian cuisine right beside the Ayala Museum in Makati. The first time I went to M Cafe was during a Salsa night and this event was graced by a lot of foreigners. It was fun and crazy. The second time I went there […]

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Caracol Festival

0 I couldn’t stop posing with these colorful creatures. The friendly Makati residents wearing their unique and well-crafted costumes cheerfully obliged to the tourists’ requests for pictures. It’s something I enjoyed at the Caracol Festival in Makati last February 23, 2014. Past 2pm, before the event started, I was walking around the streets to look […]

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Sunday Brunch at Kabila Filipino Bistro

3 Sunday brunch was never this fun. I love pancakes and waffles and now I can enjoy these with the main course. On Sundays, you can experience this buffet called Sunday Boutique Brunch at Kabila Filipino Bistro in Makati. Before I talk about what’s unique about their brunch, I have to tell you first my […]

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The Best Crunchy Sisig (Revisit 8065 Bagnet)

4The Best Crunchy Sisig! Pampanga’s Sisig and Ilocos Bagnet combined…what have we got? The best sisig I have ever tasted! 8065 Bagnet’s Bagnet Sisig. The traditional sisig originated in Pampanga Province made of parts of a roasted pig’s head and liver seasoned with onions, calamansi and chili. Bagnet in Ilocos Region is the crunchy pork twice fried […]

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8065 Bagnet

2Bagnet. Crispy on the outside and oh so soft and tender in the inside. Now to make that more exciting, 8065 Bagnet can satisfy your curiosity with their wide range of scrumptious and affordable bagnet dishes. Instead of using regular meat for famous Filipino recipes, they replaced it with bagnet. Here in 8065 Bagnet along […]

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