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Bangus Festival 2014 Schedule

0My favorite part of the Bangus Festival in Dagupan, Pangasinan, will always be the street dancing which they call Gilon-Gilon. The festival is celebrated for almost a whole month every year. April is just around the corner, so you might want to check their schedule of activities I’ve listed below, plus, a look back at […]

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Binungey, a taste of Bolinao

3 Binungey is probably the most popular “kakanin” in Bolinao. Kakanin is usually something made of sticky rice. Binungey is also called bamboo cake. But of course it’s nothing like the cake we know. It has a sticky texture and there’s a hint of bamboo flavor that goes with it. It’s served inside bamboo with […]

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Dawel River Cruise

6Cruise for free! Dagupan’s Dawel River Cruise is a 45 minute relaxing tour. Before the actual cruise, I enjoyed refreshing myself in their airconditioned toilets. This was definitely a break from the warm, humid weather. But that’s not all. The adventure began at the wharf  below the Dawel Bridge in Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan. The beautiful […]

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Dagupan Bangus Festival’s Gilon Gilon Ed Dalan

2  Ready to party!!! Gilon Gilon Ed Dalan is the vibrant and colorful street dancing competition celebrated during Dagupan’s Bangus Festival every April. Gilon Gilon Ed Dalan roughly means catching fish. Thus the choreography, costumes, props and movements are related to catching bangus or milkfish done in the streets. It was my first time to […]

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Dagupan’s Best Special Lechon Contest

4Crunchy and savory lechon, Dagupan Lechon. The province of Cebu has been known for its delicious lechon or roasted pig that needs no sauce because it’s already bursting with flavor. Today, Dagupan City Mayor Benjamin Lim wants their city to have its own brand of lechon. But how do they come up with the recipe […]

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