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Dampalit Falls

0 Los Banos has had this gem for the longest time and yet I’m surprised I only found out about this recently. Dampalit Falls is a beautiful, natural and refreshing getaway. It’s a place to cool down and enjoy nature’s shower. I had no difficulty going there because someone from Sentosa Elenita Private Hot Spring […]

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Faustina’s Restaurant

2 The most delicious boneless lechon (roasted pork) I’ve tasted. It’s at Faustina’s Restaurant in Los Banos, Laguna. Not only that, they’ve got other delectable dishes to surprise you. The first time I saw Faustina’s Restaurant, I didn’t know what to expect because the place seemed too modest. It can accommodate a small number of […]

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Sentosa Elenita Hot Spring Resort Los Banos -058

Sentosa Elenita Private Hot Spring Resort

0 Dip in the warm pools. Splash around with friends. And just be away from it all. Enjoy a comfortable, intimate and relaxing stay at Sentosa Elenita Private Hot Spring Resort in Los Banos. With Mt. Makiling as the backdrop, surrounded with their colorful gardens, this Spanish-Mediterranean inspired resort gives you the privacy to unwind […]

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Mer-Nel’s Place (Coffee Shop and Catering)

0 Mer-Nel’s Place isn’t just about their famous cakes in Los Banos. Indulging in their dishes makes me believe that they’ve got more to offer. Enjoy their light meals at their coffee shop. For a wider variety of excellent food, they also cater. They have function rooms as well in their building where you can […]

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Mer-Nel’s Place (Cakes)

0 The most popular cakes in Los Banos can be found at Mer-Nel’s Cake House. Rightly so, because their tagline says they’re the “Home of the Famous Chocolate Cakes.” No wonder people line up and they often go out of stock during the Christmas season. They say Mer-Nel’s cakes are almost always present during birthdays, […]

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Calle Arco

3 Imagine the extremely sour calamansi transformed into something sweet and eaten whole. That’s my most interesting experience in Calle Arco. Calle Arco’s one of the most famous restaurants in Pagsanjan serving Filipino dishes. Calle is Spanish for street and arco means arch. Calle Arco is located along the street where you can find the […]

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The Town Gate and The Apparition

2 Did you know that the very spot where tourists can find Pagsanjan’s historic town gate is also the same area where a supposed apparition took place over a hundred years ago? When you visit Pagsanjan, one of the things you won’t miss is its historical landmark called Arco Real or Puerta Real. Arco real […]

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Newest Ride in Enchanted Kingdom at 17

0Disk-O-Magic It’s definitely a spinning and rocking experience! That’s the Disk-O-Magic ride of Enchanted Kingdom (or EK), its newest attraction launched coinciding with its 17th anniversary celebration. The seats allowed me and my friends to face the park during the ride. We could move our arms and legs freely because the safety bar supporting our […]

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Lambarnog Baresto

1 I found the best tasting frog and it’s here in Liliw, Laguna. Lambarnog Baresto’s name is the combination of lambanog and bar. Lambanog is the liquor produced in Liliw Municipality made from coconuts. Most of their dishes here are mixed with lambanog. The frog legs were first deep fried until crispy. The teriyaki sauce […]

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Enchanted Kingdom

2I never get tired of getting that magical experience in Enchanted Kingdom (EK) in Sta Rosa City, Laguna ever since it opened way back in 1995. Until now, thinking of going here makes me smile. The last time I went there, the birds were getting friendlier. So I took a photo. I remember the time […]

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