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Althroughout, All Throughout or All Through Out

3Careful. When spoken, this is sometimes tolerable. When written — now there’s the challenge. When you’re referring to “every part” or “from beginning to end of a particular event,” what do you write and how do you spell it? Althroughout, all throughout or all through out? I was actually writing something to describe the duration […]

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The Difference Between Battle and War

0Battles and wars are similar but not quite the same. Both involve at least one conflict between two or more parties. The next time you use the words, don’t interchange them. Read on to know the difference. Battles can be won or lost but that doesn’t determine the result of the war. In fact, a […]

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0Grammar tip: WHOA A lot of Filipinos use this expression. I always see it posted on Facebook. The spelling, though, isn’t correct in many cases. I often see woah instead of whoa. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary ( the correct spelling is WHOA. Here are examples from the Urban Dictionary: 1. To express surprise: “Whoa! Don’t […]

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When in doubt, use “ON BEHALF OF”

0 When in doubt, use “on behalf” instead of “in behalf.” I often receive emails, listen to speeches and read Facebook posts with these two words: in behalf. Of course, I know what they’re trying to say. But from what I’ve learned, we can actually go from just conveying a message to conveying this message […]

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0 Stuff is just stuff and never stuffs, unless used as a verb. I’ve made this mistake in high school. It’s very convenient to use the word “stuff” in conversations because it encompasses many things. If someone invites me to go out but I don’t have time to explain why I can’t go, I can […]

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