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Crispy pata (crispy pork knuckles) and kare-kare (creamy beef stew with peanut sauce) are probably two of the most popular dishes in the Philippines and my favorites.
I remember enjoying these two wonderful dishes as a child during Christmas, new year festivities, family reunions and other family celebrations.  I have a happy emotional association with crispy pata and kare-kare.
That’s what came to mind when I searched inside trying to think of a title that’s very Filipino for the collection of articles about adventure, food and travel in the Philippines.
I hope that childhood happy emotional association will live on with the weekly articles here. Have fun! 


Hi, I’m Carlo Lorenzo ([email protected] or [email protected]).
Let’s travel the Philippines, eat delicious food and feed our souls.
This adventure, food and travel blog is a continuing collection of my personal trips, adventures with family and friends and a journal of my work as travel host of TV show “I Love Pinas.” 


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This website is a guide about what to do and where to go in the Philippines.
Celebrate life! Get ready for fun and adventure!
It’s more fun in the Philippines!
God bless :-)


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*Most of the photos here I took personally, but friends also helped out in the clicking. For photo credits, I’d like to extend my gratitude to: John-Ben Rodriguez, JC Libiran, Kean Lim, Rex Mollo, Next Layderos, Ayi Rayos, Nel Agrava, Lala Peralta, Karen Santiago, Denice Gimenez, Issa Esteban, Tim Chee and all those who enjoy taking wonderful pictures.
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