Dampalit Falls

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Los Banos has had this gem for the longest time and yet I’m surprised I only found out about this recently. Dampalit Falls is a beautiful, natural and refreshing getaway. It’s a place to cool down and enjoy nature’s shower.

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I had no difficulty going there because someone from Sentosa Elenita Private Hot Spring Resort, where my friends and I spent the night, went with us. Dampalit Falls is pretty near the resort.

We parked on this empty lot for a Php40 charge. The parking space is a bit small and the road going there has only one lane. There’s going to be a problem if another vehicle comes along going the opposite direction. One would have to back up to make way. Another option would be to park near the barangay hall of Barangay Lalakay and walk.

If you look around, you’d see something that seemed like a partially chopped mountain. The residents here said it was the result of landslides where huge chunks of the mountain broke off and fell.

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Parts of the mountain are scarred with landslides

We passed by what they called the Dampalit River. It looked more like a stream to me though.

Dampalit River

Dampalit River

From the parking area, it was a short walk to the entrance of the falls. The entrance fee is just Php20 per person.

Walking towards the entrance

Walking towards the entrance

It’s an easy walk from the entrance to the falls. The concrete walkway helped, but they said that the place was more developed back then before a storm partially destroyed the area.

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Entrance, pay Php20

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Before we reached the falls, the rich flora and the fresh breeze already set the mood.
There was what seemed like a wall of big rocks piled up with water from the falls flowing over them. I think this was manmade. It was beautiful.

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And above it, there it was, Dampalit Falls.

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There were tables around the area where we put our bags. Try not to bring valuables. If you have gadgets, place them in plastic bags, just in case it rains.

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When you step into the water, you’ll feel that it’s really cold and rocky. Your body will eventually adjust. If you’re not used to walking on rocks, I suggest you wear slippers, sandals or aqua shoes.

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And look up. Just breathe. Let the cool wind and the site of the falls rid you of stress. The next thing you might want to do is to experience the water to literally fall on you.

What surprised me the most on my quest to get that powerfully cold shower from the bottom of the falls was the walk towards it. I didn’t even have to swim. At the most, I’d say the water level was right above my knees. It’s very shallow but this doesn’t mean you can run around. The rocks you walk on are uneven and I slipped several times. Ouch.

The people here said the depth becomes shallower every time they experience heavy rains and when typhoons pass through. Stones and rocks from the top of the falls are thrown below, which builds up and elevates the surface beneath the falls.

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Going towards the falls, for me, is like approaching layers of white curtains made of water. I walked through it slowly. The water was very cold, the pressure was tolerable. I enjoyed being in that spot, where suddenly, I was in a different world of eternal rain.

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When you walk beyond the falls, you’ll find an area with rocks you can climb and rest on for a bit.

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After splashing around with friends and getting a head and shoulder massage under the falls, it was time to leave. Near the table where we placed our bags, there was a beautiful spot where water was streaming down on rocks surrounded by plants. I had to climb it to have my picture taken.

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There’s a small area for people to change into dry clothes. We decided to just wrap ourselves with bath towels instead and head back to our vehicle.

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changing area

It’s best to visit Dampalit Falls during weekdays so the place isn’t too crowded. It’s a favorite hang out place for the locals during weekends. Also, I’m discouraging you to go here when there’s a typhoon because rocks might fall from the top of the falls.

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packed during weekends

Dampalit Falls
Address: Brgy. Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna
How to get here: Just follow the National Highway in Los Banos and ask the locals where Dampalit Falls is and they can give you directions.
Parking Fee: Php40
Entrance Fee: Php20
Tables: Free

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Full Disclosure: The first time I went here was for the shoot I did as TV host of the travel show “I Love Pinas.” The second time was with friends. The photos in this article were taken during those two visits. I’d like to thank the show’s staff, our tour guide and my friends for helping me take pictures.

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