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The most delicious boneless lechon (roasted pork) I’ve tasted. It’s at Faustina’s Restaurant in Los Banos, Laguna. Not only that, they’ve got other delectable dishes to surprise you.

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The first time I saw Faustina’s Restaurant, I didn’t know what to expect because the place seemed too modest. It can accommodate a small number of people so it’s almost always packed.

You can just imagine the turn of events when they started serving the food!!!

The place is mostly purple with classy accessories. But one thing you’ll notice is the love story immortalized here. Owner Celine Habito decided to name the restaurant after her grandmother Faustina. On the walls, on the menu and possibly everywhere you look at are traces of the love her grandparents shared, from courtship, love letters, to marriage.

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And that kind of love can be tasted in their dishes.

Number one on my top picks is most definitely their Boneless Lechon Iligan. Co-owner and restaurant manager Poy Salazar created this wonderful addition to what they already offer. Since Poy is from Iligan, a city in Southern Philippines, he brought the best of lechon tradition he grew up with and shared it with us.

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They use a lot of herbs and spices they put inside the pork before roasting. I can’t tell you what these are. They of course want it to remain a secret. They need a whole day to prepare this. Just imagine how much effort they put into creating this masterpiece. The meat bursts with flavors. I just have to slice off the fat though. I don’t need any sauce for the meat, it’s tasty on its own. But they serve this with a specially spiced vinegar called Suka Pinakurat. The skin of the lechon is crunchy and that’s what I always look for in a good lechon. But here’s the catch, this isn’t readily available and you have to order two days ahead to experience this.

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My second favorite is their Silindro Ribs. These are perfectly barbecued ribs, tender, mildly sweet and has that smoky flavor.

Faustina's -024

Silindro Ribs Php210
char-grilled prime pork ribs served with a a special barbecue sauce, pinakurat (spiced vinegar) buttered vegetables and steamed rice

Third on my list is the beef and lamb pie, best eaten with ketchup. The first time I had this was in Australia. I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t see this in other menus in most restaurants I’ve been to in Metro Manila so I was so happy to find it here. It’s not just the marriage of beef and lamb flavors coming together, but enjoying this brings back fun memories I had of my trip to the land down under.

Aussie Beef and Lamb Pie Php65 | beef and lamb in gravy encased in short crust pastry

Aussie Beef and Lamb Pie Php65 | beef and lamb in gravy encased in short crust pastry

For dessert, I’d go for their red velvet cupcake. I like the thick and sweet cream cheese frosting on top complementing the cake.

Red Velvet Cupcake (New)

Red Velvet Cupcake (New)

Here are other items you may want to order:

Faustina's -020

Chuck Rib Steak Php341 | beef chuck rib steak served with gravy, steak sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables

Faustina's -029

Lamb Shoulder Steak Php360 | pan-seared lamb chop, served with steamed rice and buttered vegetables |
I recommend that you order this “rare” or “medium-rare” so the meat remains tender

Faustina's -040

Breaded Fish with Mango Salsa Php227 | pan-fried breaded fish fillet served with steamed rice, a side of mango salsa and Japanese mayo

Faustina's -044

Tinapang Bangus Php198 | specialty smoked milkfish from Limay, Bataan, served with garlic-topped rice, side green salad and your choice of dressing

Faustina's -047

their green salad isn’t just greens, but the edible flowers topping this makes the salad extra colorful

Faustina's Los Banos -037

Spaghetti and Meatbombs Php212 (regular) Php114 (junior) | meatbombs cooked in tomato sauce, served with spaghetti and topped with parmesan cheese

Faustina's Los Banos-042

Classic Crispy Bacon Alfredo Pasta Php189 (regular) Php107 (junior) | creamy white sauce pasta topped with bacon bits and parmesan cheese

Faustinas Los Banos -088

Creamy Shrimp Pasta Php214 (regular) Php112 (junior) | creamy white sauce pasta with fresh shrimp, cheese and parsley

Faustinas Los Banos -093

Hungarian Sausage and Onion Pizza Php372 | Hungarian sausage, onions and cheese on a thin crust with tomato sauce

Faustina's -034

Hawaiian Pizza Php317 | ham, pineapple, cheese and herbs on a thin crust with tomato sauce

Faustina's -061

Brazo de Mercedes

Faustinas Los Banos -091

Mini Fruit Pavlova Php65

Faustinas Los Banos -090

Lipote Berry Mousse Php48 | it’s made of lipote berries

Faustinas Los Banos -086

Peach Mango Pie Ala Mode Php85 | stewed peach and mango encased in short crust pastry topped with ice cream (vanilla, strawberry or mango)

Faustina’s is located almost right outside UP Los Banos. Although it’s near the university, the menu is a bit pricey for students. Good thing they have “junior” versions of the regular dishes which may be smaller in quantity, but it’s more affordable and the quality remains the same.

Faustina's logo

On their Facebook page, they have this info on how to get there:
From Los Baños Crossing/Junction, take U.P. College “Kanan” jeepney, stop at Raymundo Gate (along Kanluran Road).
Check google maps, click here.

Faustinas Los Banos -094

Faustinas Los Banos -081

This group of tourists included Faustina’s in their itinerary

Faustina's -061

that’s me with owners Celine and Poy

Faustina's -038

UP Los Banos Students enjoying their dinner

FAUSTINA’S Restaurant and Catering Services
Address: Lola J Building, 10278 Ruby Street, Los Baños Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna
Tel. No.: (049) 501-1509 | Operating Hours: 11am-8:30pm
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faustinas.lb
Menu: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151458009696220.1073741825.113902076219&type=1

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Full Disclosure: The first time I went to Faustina’s was when we featured the restaurant for the travel show I host entitled “I Love Pinas.” The second time was for an exchange deal for an ad placement in this website where the restaurant sponsored our dinner. But let me assure you that this review is based on my honest opinion and personal observations. My friends, the show’s staff and yours truly took the pictures shown in this article.

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  • Sheryl Macatangay

    hey! u know what, i’m from Los Baños and even a UPLB alumni but i never heard of Faustina’s Restaurant. hindi lang siguro ako gala :) but, i’d definitely visit this place this week :) thanks for this. my mom and aunt will truly love that boneless lechon iligan :)

    • Carlo Lorenzo

      that’s great sheryl, remember to call them ahead of time for cooking time… also i’d really appreciate it if you tell them you found out about their place through carlo lorenzo’s article :) God bless and thank you so much :)