Binungey, a taste of Bolinao

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Binungey Bolinao -005

Binungey is probably the most popular “kakanin” in Bolinao. Kakanin is usually something made of sticky rice.

Binungey is also called bamboo cake. But of course it’s nothing like the cake we know. It has a sticky texture and there’s a hint of bamboo flavor that goes with it. It’s served inside bamboo with banana leaf covering it. It’s best eaten with sugar.

Binungey Bolinao -004

Binungey Bolinao -003

It’s sold in different places in Bolinao, most especially in front of Bolinao Church, otherwise known as St. James The Great Parish. Where do they make the binungey sold outside the church?

St. James The Great Parish

St. James The Great Parish

I went to the house of Noime Gale in Barangay Arnedo, Bolinao. This is where they cook hundreds of binungey sold outside the church and other areas of Bolinao. The ingredients and cooking materials include: sticky rice, coconut milk, salt, banana leaves, bamboo poles and coconut husks.

with Noimi and her husband

with Noimi and her husband

The first step is for them to cut bamboo poles so there’s an open part and a sealed part.

Binungey Bolinao -008

Binungey Bolinao -006

Clean the raw sticky rice and pour it into the bamboo.

Binungey Bolinao -009

Grate the coconut meat, mix with water, and squeeze out the coconut milk using cheese cloth.

Binungey Bolinao -007

Pour the coconut milk into the bamboo with a little salt.

Binungey Bolinao -012

Seal the top with a banana leaf.

Binungey Bolinao -013

Binungey Bolinao -011

Pile coconut husks and form two lines, like the one shown in the picture below.

Binungey Bolinao -014

Put the bamboo with the sticky rice, coconut milk and salt in between the two lines. Cover these with a part of the banana tree trunk and bamboo.

Binungey Bolinao -015

Light the two rows of coconut husks.

Binungey Bolinao -017

Binungey Bolinao -016

Wait for about an hour or two for the binungey to be completely cooked. Enjoy!

Binungey Bolinao -002

Large: 3 pieces for Php200
Small: 3 for Php100

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