Baler Road Trip: How to get there

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One of the scenes on the road to Baler

One of the scenes on the road to Baler

The road trip to Baler was a fun adventure in itself. You can choose to drive to Baler with friends and family, ride a bus, or, fly by plane.

My friends and I chose to bring a car and I think this was the best choice. It gave us the chance to make toilet stops and the best part would be the picture-taking stops.

How to go to Baler -006

The trip, by land, is usually a six-hour ride. Unless you choose to take the Bongabong route which takes forever.


If you have an iPad with the Maps application, it will suggest for you to take the Bongabong route because it seems shorter. But believe me, that path is very bumpy with a lot of road construction that the iPad does not see. That was our mistake during my first trip to Baler a few months back when we used the Bongabong route. Again, do not use the Bongabon route. This time around, we avoided that path.

Here are some pictures I took of the road if you use the Bongabong route. Hopefully the pictures will be able to discourage you from this route.

Muddy and Bumpy Road using Bongabon Route

Muddy and Bumpy Road using Bongabon Route

Rocky Road

Rocky Road

Zigzags beside a cliff

Zigzags beside a cliff


We began our trip past 2am. If you’re coming from Manila, go to North Luzon Expressway or NLEX. At the last toll gate somewhere in Dau, ask the toll booth clerk where to go to so you can enter Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway or SCTEX. Dau is part of Pampanga Province.

Check and follow signs leading to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. You will pass through Aliaga before you reach Cabanatuan. Aliaga and Cabanatuan are part of Nueva Ecija Province while Baler is part of Aurora Province.

Along the national highway, check for signs leading to Baler, Aurora. You can always ask. During our trip, we asked so many times and this helped us a lot from making wrong turns. Get ready for zigzags and slippery roads (when it’s raining).

How to go to Baler -004
How to go to Baler -005

Along the Nueva Ecija-Aurora highway, we passed through the different Nueva Ecija towns but we had to make a major stop somewhere in Barangay Marikit, Pantabangan Municipality, Nueva Ecija.

How to go to Baler -014

Why? By this time, around 6am, we were amazed by the breathtaking view. The clouds were embracing the mountains surrounding the highway.

How to go to Baler -016

This tree looked enchanting. It stood out while the thick fog covered the greens around it.

Enchanting. This tree will not let the thick fog cover its magnificence. Awesome view at Brgy. Marikit in Pantabangan Municipality, Nueva Ecija Province.

Enchanting. This tree will not let the thick fog cover its magnificence. Awesome view at Brgy. Marikit in Pantabangan Municipality, Nueva Ecija Province.

How to go to Baler -013

Jump shots are a must.

How to go to Baler -008

These jumps made me feel like we’re so high up on the clouds.

How to go to Baler -011

You can try the superman jump.

How to go to Baler -009

But I recommend you jump with bent knees or legs apart to make your jump look high.

How to go to Baler -007

Take the shots from a low angle, meaning, position the camera close to the ground to give the illusion that the jumper made a really high jump.

From Nueva Ecija, you follow the road signs leading to Baler.

How to go to Baler -017

When we reached Aurora Province, we took photos of the scenery.

How to go to Baler -020

Rice fields, farms, carabaos. The clouds make them look even more awesome.

How to go to Baler -021

Then, you’ll pass through the towns of Maria Aurora and San Luis before reaching Baler. You will see the town’s gate and what did we do? We had to take pictures again, of course.

How to go to Baler -023

Baler's Logo

Baler’s Logo

You can have creative shots to make it appear you’re holding the town logo on the arch.

How to go to Baler -024

We arrived at our first destination past 8am.


I still prefer using a car because I love to make picture-taking stops.

But if you want to snooze your way to Baler, I recommend the bus ride. Here you can sleep without having worries of getting lost.

Genesis Transport Service, Inc. has regular trips to Baler from Manila. They have two terminals in Cubao, Quezon City and in Pasay. They also provide trips from Baler to Manila.

When I checked their website, their first trip begins at 3am and their last trip at 7:30am with hourly intervals. Of course, this might change later on, so their contact details are listed below.

Genesis Schedule

G/F Genesis Transport Building
704 EDSA Corner New York St.,
Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109
Tel. No.: (02) 709-0803 / (02) 421-1425


Now there are available flights to Baler via Skyjet from Manila to Baler Airport also known as Dr. Juan C. Angara Airport. You can call Skyjet at (02) 863 1333, email them at [email protected], and check their website

How to go to Baler -026
How to go to Baler -027
How to go to Baler -029

It’s a very small airport. When there aren’t any scheduled flight, you can catch kids and pets roaming the area.

How to go to Baler -028

It’s not actually located in Baler, but in the neighboring town San Luis. It’s just a 15-minute ride to Baler anyway.

How to go to Baler -030

It was our first time to visit this airport.

Since the runway was empty, we sat in the middle and took photos.

How to go to Baler -032

Sitting down wasn’t enough… time to lie down.

How to go to Baler -031

Visiting the airport was brief. It could’ve been boring but it’s a must for us to turn simple things into fun adventures.

Our road trip was enjoyable because of the scenery and the company. If you intend to bring your car, be sure to bring your friends or family along. It’s creepy driving the dark zigzags at night. Also, be careful during the rainy season because the way to Baler is a landslide prone area.

How to go to Baler -015

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Thank you and God bless!

Additional Photo Credits: Ben Rodriguez, Audee Villaraza and Kean Lim.

Full Disclosure: We used our car to go to Baler and paid for our gas. From there, the office of Aurora Vice Governor Rommel Angara made arrangements for the transportation service within Baler and its neighboring towns. This was part of the arrangement to promote Baler in this website and hopefully boost tourism. Angara’s driver Lito Marigmen toured us and also helped take pictures.



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      (02) 709-0544
      2/F Genesis Transport Building
      704 EDSA Corner New York St.,
      Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109

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