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Buy the freshest catch, have these cooked the way you like it and all that in just one place. Enjoy the superb meals with extra friendly staff at Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House.

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Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House is located within Seaside Macapagal (otherwise known as Seafood Paluto Restaurants) along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City.

Within Seaside Macapagal, there’s a market and standard product rates are updated regularly. The prices change depending on what’s in season.

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You can choose to go to the market and buy the seafood you want cooked and select your restaurant of choice. The restaurant will cook it for you and add extra ingredients like spices, sauces and vegetables to go with the dish. You’ll just have to pay the cooking charge. Or, you can just go straight to the restaurant and trust them to buy the seafood you want.

Among the restaurants there, I chose Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House.

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For starters, you can order the Crispy Kangkong. It’s deep-fried water spinach in batter with a special dip.

Crispy Kangkong

Crispy Kangkong

My favorite had to be their Baked Tahong with Cheese. This is Asian green mussel baked with cheesy goodness. It’s also slightly sweet. I recommend you request this cooked with more garlic, just in case you’re like me. I love garlic.

Baked Tahong with Cheese

Baked Tahong with Cheese

Buttered Sugpo is also a must. Tiger prawns cooked with butter, garlic and other spices. You can even taste the sweetness of the prawns indicating how fresh they are. Prawns are a bit expensive though.

Buttered Sugpo

Buttered Sugpo

I also enjoyed their Ulo ng Maya-Maya sa Miso. That’s the head of a red snapper cooked in tamarind broth with miso. Miso is fermented soybeans with salt and mold. I love miso soup, more so when served as sinigang.

Ulo ng Maya sa Miso

Ulo ng Maya sa Miso

On the side, you can have the Green Mango Salad. That’s diced green mangoes, onions and tomatoes with their special bagoong. Bagoong is a condiment made of fermented shrimps and to make this taste even better it can be cooked in garlic, spices and some sugar. This was how I had their green mango salad, I got a lot of green mangoes, some onions and tomatoes, and a spoon of bagoong. I mixed them all together. I used this mix with the fish from the sinigang and had rice that with rice. Yummy.

Green Mango Salad

Green Mango Salad

It’s not just to food and service I admire about Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House. It’s owned by the Lozada family. They make sure that they get their priorities right. They put God first. They have prayer meetings with their staff. I think that’s just awesome. Not just food for the tummy, but more importantly, for the soul. This helps encourage proper attitude and values among the staff, which most likely can result into honesty and warm service.

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Here’s the Lozada family photo. From left to right:
Maria Kathrina Y. Lozada, Lucia V. Lozada, Sonia Yu Lozada, Boots V. Lozada, Patrick Y. Lozada, Percito “Boy” V. Lozada, Maria Kristile Y. Lozada, Maria Kristine Y. Lozada

Lozada Family Picture

Lozada Family Picture

Pricelist of the food we ate:

1 Kilo Sugpo Buttered
Fresh Sugpo from Market: Php600
Cooking Charge: Php200
Total: Php800

1 Kilo Tahong with Cheese
Tahong from Market: Php150
Cooking Charge: Php200
Total: Php350

1/2 Kilo Ulo ng Maya sa Miso
Maya from Market: 190
Cooking Charge: 100
Total: 290

Crispy Kangkong Php100

Green Mango Salad Php100

Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House -0021

For their menu, click to enlarge the photos below.

Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw and Food House
Seaside Macapagal, Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City
Tel. No.: (02) 881-4087
Mobile: 0920-231-4342

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Full Disclosure: The Lozada family are friends of ours and we often get complimentary meals here especially during meetings.



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  • Donna

    Hi there!

    This restaurant is featured currently on Metrodeal with an all you can eat buffet price of P275 per person. Would you have an idea if they will have a food station serving all food and peaple will just grab what they want to eat, or will customers still order the food a la carte (paluto style) but with unlimited servings? I am thinking of buying vouchers and would like to know how they would serve the food. Since you are a friend of the owners, maybe you can enlighten me.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Carlo Lorenzo

      Hi donna,
      I will send my friend your question and wait for her reply.
      Thank you and God bless :) also, please watch the travel show “I Love Pinas” Thursdays 11:59pm GMA News TV.

    • Carlo Lorenzo

      Donna, my friend replied to your question and this is her answer: “We will have a food station, buffet style.. People will just grab the cooked food from that station

  • beqz

    the above food, was it good for 7 head counts? just basing on the pic

    • Carlo Lorenzo

      hi, we all shared. we all had a little bit of this and that. but for more accurate head count sharing, you may want to call trinity at Tel. No.: (02) 881-4087
      Mobile: 0920-231-4342. thanks :)