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Pool Zipline Cabula River Resort

Cross the hanging bridge, climb up the platform almost 20 feet high, hold tight and get ready for the pool zipline in Cabula River Resort.

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Cabula River Resort, located in Barangay Lumbia, Cagayan De Oro City, is the first resort I’ve visited offering the pool zipline.

To reach the platform, I had to cross the hanging bridge first.

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-024

That part was easy. Now for the moment of truth.

My palms were sweating big time — this always happens, you know fear of heights. I grabbed on to the metal bar and I felt my hands slipping. How can I have a safe zip if I can’t have a good grip?

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-013

I wiped the sweat off, dried my palms. Grabbed the metal bar again and I started sweating again. This was a horrible cycle. I thought maybe if the metal bar was round-shaped or square-shaped instead of being an inverted T-shape, then maybe I could have a better grip. But this was my mind playing tricks.

Kids before me were able to do it. So, I knew I could. But what if I slipped and fell off the edge of the pool? There it goes again. I had to focus.

I pulled the metal bar, took a step back so I won’t see the edge of the platform. This helped a lot, I mean not seeing the edge kept my mind off the height of the platform. Then, I sat while I was holding on to the metal bar.

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-018

I slowly raised both my legs up, gravity did its thing and there I went!

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-017

I was sliding down! Whooooohoooo!

I had to remind myself to let go of the bar, and I did. Splash!!!

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-020

Off I went for the second round. This was definitely fun and something new for me.

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-011

Owners Bobong and Roselle Yanez said the height of the handle (metal bar) is 19 feet above the water and traverses 32 meters in length.

Owners: Bobong and Roselle Yanez

Owners: Bobong and Roselle Yanez

Another activity you can do here is the Tarzan Swing at the pool. You can grab hold of the rope, swing towards the pool and let go.

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-003

Cabula River Resort is also part of some river rafting packages offered in Cagayan De Oro River where the end point of the river adventure is near Cabula River Resort. Guests hop off the raft, walk to the resort to shower, change and eat lunch.

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Cabula River Resort Pool Rules and Regulations:
Shower first.
Wear proper swimming attire.
Long pants are not allowed to be worn while swimming.
Avoid running, pushing, eating, drinking, smoking, spitting inside and around the pool area.
Drunk persons are not allowed.
Sharp and foreign objects are not allowed in the pool.

Cabula River Resort Cagayan De Oro-004

Address: Sitio Cabula, Brgy. Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City
Mobile: 0922-8845322 / 0922-8812978
Email: [email protected]
Entrance Fee: Adults Php50 and kids below 4 feet Php30.
Pool hours: 7am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday (closed on Mondays)

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