Loboc’s Bridge To Nowhere

Posted by: Carlo Lorenzo

Bridge To Nowhere.

One of the most popular bridges in the province of Bohol is found in the town of Loboc.

It’s often visited by tourists as a side trip before or after their Loboc River Cruise.

In the docking area before I went on board the floating restaurant for the river cruise, I finally had a closer view of the infamous bridge right in front of the Loboc Church.

It’s just so weird. It’s a bridge to nowhere. Usually bridges connect two areas to help us get from one point to the next. But this one, well, it was never finished.

It wasn’t built high enough to go above the church.

Some say it was about bad planning and corruption. Budget obtained allegedly had to be justified for its release so the bridge had to begin construction to show that money was going somewhere. The concrete bridge was for land vehicles crossing the Loboc River. But they didn’t have enough budget to demolish the church. The construction stopped. They also didn’t have enough budget to demolish the unfinished bridge. So now, it’s become an attraction.

It’s like a park today. Lights were put up. It’s also decorated with colorful plants.

At the end of the bridge fronting the church, stairs were constructed for tourists and locals on foot.

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