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Bagnet 8065

Bagnet. Crispy on the outside and oh so soft and tender in the inside. Now to make that more exciting, 8065 Bagnet can satisfy your curiosity with their wide range of scrumptious and affordable bagnet dishes. Instead of using regular meat for famous Filipino recipes, they replaced it with bagnet.

Bring friends and share the different bagnet dishes

Here in 8065 Bagnet along Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati City, it’s a must to tag friends along. One can order a specific dish, another can order a different dish and all can share. That’s what we did so we can taste the different preparations of bagnet. I’m glad Mike brought me, Audee and Ben here.

Bagnet is pork that is boiled first then deep fried. It originated in the Ilocos Region but is now a favorite in many parts of the Philippines.

Mike ordered the Original Bagnet served with their special bagoong (shrimp paste). This is delicious and if you don’t want to experiment, this is the safest dish for you. It’s priced at Php175 good for two persons without rice, they also have the budget meal, Php105 with rice and soup.

My favorite, and I’m so happy I ordered this, is the Bagnet Binagoongan Php185, good for two, and Php110 solo with rice and soup. The bagoong was perfect, a bit sweet and that’s how I like it. Green mangoes were also served on the side. It’s just like the regular Filipino binagoongan dish, only, it’s crunchy. It’s kind of like the original bagnet smothered with bagoong. I highly recommend this.

Bagnet Binagoongan

Audee loves Bicol Express because it’s spicy and makes use of coconut cream. So he ordered what comes close: Bagnet Spicy Gata. That’s Php185 for sharing and Php110 solo. This came as a wonderful surprise. It has the spicy kick and the creamy coconut flavor to complement the heat from chili.

Bagnet Spicy Gata

Ben ordered the Bagnet Kare-Kare. It’s bagnet served with creamy peanut sauce and also goes well with bagoong. It’s the most expensive among the dishes, Php 195 for sharing and Php115 solo.

Bagnet Kare-Kare

Here’s the dilemma. We’ve ordered and shared only four of the many bagnet dishes they have. How can we try the others in the menu? So here come’s an answered prayer. We met Tita Elvie Tuason the manager of the restaurant and the mom of one of the owners.

with Bagnet 8065 Manager, Elvie Tuason

She treated us to Bagnet Curry, Bagnet Pakbet and Bagnet Dinuguan for us to know how these taste. Among the three, the Bagnet Dinuguan found its way to my heart. I just love the way it remained crunchy while retaining the dinuguan taste.

Bagnet Dinuguan

The place has wifi. It has two floors but I think that’s not enough because of the crowd coming in. Paintings, photographs and works of budding artists are displayed on the walls.

Bagnet Curry

8065 Bagnet is open from 11am to 12mn Mondays thru Staurdays and 5pm to 12mn on Sundays. 8065 is the number of the place, #8065 Estrella St.. Singer Kitchie Nadal frequents the place according to the Tita Elvie. Why? Because she’s the sister of Alain Nadal who’s part owner of the place.

They deliver in Makati City area and you can call them at (02) 519-6511. For comments and suggestions they can be reached at (02) 703-3045

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      Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. It is very affirming. Please visit the blog weekly for fresh articles. Gd bless :-)