Tabuk Marine Park, Palompon, Leyte

Posted by: Carlo Lorenzo

Tabuk Marine Park Fish and Bird Sanctuary

Viewing Tower at Tabuk Marine Park, Palompon Municipality, Leyte

 This place is a treat for bat watching, snorkeling and touring the mangroves.


Tabuk means “in front of” and the Tabuk Islet is located in front of the Palompon Municipality mainland in Leyte Province. Going here is usually the first activity for the eco-tourism package offered.

Quick Boat Trip to Tabuk

After the speedboat ride from the mainland, we stopped a few meters away from the docking site.  This came as a pleasant surprise. It reminded me of heavily flooded areas I went to before when I covered calamity related stories as a news reporter. Then, I had to put my things in garbage bags and carry these over my shoulders to protect them from the flood water.

Low Tide Means Parking The Boat Far From the Docking Area

When the tides are low, the speedboats cannot dock because the waters are too shallow. So we had to go off the boat and walk. The water was up to my thighs. I had to be careful because there were areas that seemed shallow but are in fact waist-deep.

Wet Walk to Tabuk Marine Park, It’s Actually Fun

The three-storey viewing tower that looked like a lighthouse was the first thing we saw. And we just had to have pictures taken here.

Docking Area and Viewing Tower

Then, it was the mangrove tour. From the tower, there’s a path leading to the boardwalk or a walkway made of bamboo to go through the mangroves. A tour guide can be requested to help identify the kinds of mangrove and sea grass present in the area. This is a protected site and fishing is not allowed.

Bamboo Boardwalk

Mangroves are important because this is where fish can go to get food and birds can also go here to rest and feed. This place is also an important stop over point for migratory birds.

The boardwalk has several resting stations to stop and just admire the beauty of the area and take photos.

At the end of the walk, there’s a hut where tourists can eat their packed meals. This was where we had lunch.

More Mangroves

On the way back to the boat, I was amazed at the number of bats flying.  And they were HUGE!

Big Bats


There aren’t any restaurants in the islets and islands so pack your food. Bring garbage bags to keep the areas clean and to protect your belongings from getting wet.

From the mainland, pump boats and speedboats are rented out at different rates.

Get ready to get wet so protect your gadgets, bring aqua gear and extra clothes.


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  • Clau

    Such a beautiful place. Last time we went to Leyte, we only visited Tacloban, Palo and Ormoc. I will be sure to visit the place next summer. I love the Mangrove forest in your pictures. I hope the local government preserves it.

    P.S. Great photography, so vivid looking. It is as if I was there.

    • carloflorenzo

      Praise God. Photos were taken by me and the staff of I Love Pinas. Thank you Clau :-)