Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte

Posted by: Carlo Lorenzo

Kalanggaman Island

I felt like I owned this small island with only about 20 plus persons here during my visit. The pristine waters, the coconut trees, the blue sky — it was a great escape. The white sand was perfect even without slippers. I’m very particular with the sand, my feet are sensitive.

This local government run paradise, more or less about 9 hectares, is claimed by the Palompon Municipality in Leyte Province as the best beach in the Eastern Visayas Region.

There are two sandbars. When we got here, one of the sandbars was dry and it was fun to just run around it. But only a few minutes later, I saw one side of the sandbar’s stretch slowly being submerged. This happens during high tide.


This is a great place to just rest, enjoy the breeze, listen to the sound of the waves, swim and take amazing photos. I didn’t try the other activities which they say were favorites for international tourists: kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and overnight camping.

There were a few locals who stay at the island during daytime but upon request, they can stay overnight for campers. There are no resorts or hotels in this small island. The restaurant was closed during our visit so be sure to coordinate with the tour guide for food. If you spot fishermen in the area, you can avail of their services and they’ll bring you the fresh catch and grill it.

Coconut Trees

Thirsty? Not a problem. The locals can pick coconuts from the trees here and serve this for Php10 only!

Hermit Crabs

The hermit crabs here come in different shapes and sizes. I think they love the camera.

But the really unforgettable part of this trip was actually the speedboat ride. The hour long ride was bumpy and wet, very wet. The tall waves made us bounce a lot and each time I had to hold the metal bar beside me so tightly while securing my bag so it won’t bounce off the boat. I was seated in front of the speedboat which turns out to be the high impact area. So if you want to experience the major bouncing happening, stay in front, but if you want less of that, stay at the back. On the way back, I decided to stay at the back.

The amazing treat here was seeing beside our boat the flying fish doing their thing, flying. One accidentally flew inside the speedboat and couldn’t fly back out. My friend hesitated at first but the tour guide encouraged her and she gently picked the fish up and out into the sea. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of this because of the bumpy and wet ride, I was afraid my camera would get damaged by the salt water, plus I needed both my hands to hold on to the metal bar and keep my bag safe.

Kalanggaman Island

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Great Rocky Area of Kalanggaman Island

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How to get to Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte click here

Tabuk Marine Park Fish and Bird Sanctuary. Click here

Palompon’s Service Rates, click here

Palompon’s Accommodations click here

Visit their website http://www.palompon-leyte.gov.ph/ or call the Palompon Municipal Tourism Office (053) 555-9010.

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  • ed

    Wow! great pics. i am from tacloban but havent been there. i wanted to go other someday! is it okay to spend the whole night in kalanggaman island or better to stay overnight in the town proper? thanks

    • Carlo Lorenzo

      Thank you! If you’re feeling adventurous, spend the night at Kalanggaman but bring your first aid kit and everything else you need because it’s a very small island and is usually empty at night. If you’re bringing kids with you, I recommend you stay in the town proper instead. God bless :-)

  • http://www.pinoytravelfreak.com/ Gabz | Pinoy Travel Freak

    Really beautiful beach! This is in my bucket list. Was researching on how to get here and I found your blog. I hope to visit it really soon. :)

    • Carlo Lorenzo

      Thank you Gabz :-) God bless your adventures and please visit this blog every week for fresh articles. Again thank you for reading :-)

  • Angie Almerino

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    Gread adventure! :) Thumbs up!

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  • http://expattraveller.blogspot.com/ David

    Thanks for the beautiful blog and photos.

    I will be visiting Kalanggaman soon – we plan to camp overnight there.

    You can find details of our experience here – http://expattraveller.blogspot.com/

  • http://iamtravelinglight.com Claire | Traveling Light

    Thanks to you, I was able to contact Palompon Tourism and they will assist me since I am traveling alone. I love sandbars so much, which is why I am looking forward to Kalanggaman – a perfect ending to my Leyte vacation. =)

    • Carlo Lorenzo

      Wow that’s great! Hope you have a wonderful time. But rainy season isn’t the best time to go, waves can affect the speedboat trip and make the ride rough. Keep safe :)

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