Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

Posted by: Carlo Lorenzo

After the visit at Evoliving Center, our adventure continues at Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. It’s best you go here early in the morning between 6AM and 9AM or late in the afternoon past 4PM because during these times, the birds are usually in the trees. If you have binoculars, bring them.

This way to Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

There’s a trail you can follow and it’s a long but pretty easy trek.


If you get tired, there’s a shed beside what seemed like a mini-man-made lagoon.

5 min break



There’s a lot of plants that looked interesting. There were fruits, or at least they looked like fruits. I wanted to taste some, but let’s not experiment. These might not be edible.


Whoa! Look at these!!! Real live chicks. These baby birds we saw hidden inside a bush in their nest. They looked really hungry. It’s amazing. It’s my first time!

Hungry (not angry) Birds

Look but don’t touch. And try to keep the volume down so the birds won’t be disturbed.

Bird Watching

It’s pretty hard to identify the names of the birds we saw. We didn’t have a bird expert with us.

Bird Sanctuary Collage

But there’s an area they call the gazebo where the types of birds with their pictures and descriptions are displayed.


We walked back to the car and drove for a few minutes to reach Nuvali Greens and Patches.


Vegetable and fruit picking experience at Nuvali Greens and Patches, click here.

To find out how to register for free and go to Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary click here.

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  • Lella Santiago

    Great picture of the baby birds! Makes me want to go there too :)

    • carloflorenzo

      Thank you lella, i’ve been there twice. it’s a great way to have fun with friends and exercise :-) hope you can click and share this to your friends. God bless :-)

  • Magdalena F. Cheng

    I love the picture of those baby birds in there nest. At my age now, I’ve never seen such cute baby birds. I love to go there.

  • justjane

    I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! Thanks for this Carlo! :)

    • carloflorenzo

      Thanks justjane. God bless. New articles await you every week. :)

  • Coco Midel

    Nice post! For those interested in Ayala Land Premier properties in Nuvali, please contact me at 0917-5029252. Thank you! -coco midel, Ayala Land

    • carloflorenzo

      Thank you coco midel, we’ll surely go back again and again to Nuvali. Please visit this site weekly and read more updates :-)

  • Sylvia Ramos